Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing a driveway yourself is not a beginner’s DIY project. It’s also not the hardest thing to do, either. If you’re confident and capable in your abilities, and can work thoroughly and quickly, then you may be able to successfully achieve your dream of tackling a resurfacing job alone. Here’s how:


Clean off your entire driveway, It needs to be clean of dirt, moss, mud, weeds, and you can use a scraper to remove weeds from cracks.  a good clean surface is easier to work with, and will make sealcoating over your existing surface much more effective.


Fill in any and all cracks that are in existence in your driveway, and mask off all of your concrete with duct tap. You can fill asphalt cracks with cold crack filler, but usually cracks within a year.  Hot Crack fill will last much longer.


Sealcoat is a water soluble product, so be cautious not to add to much water.  This will weaken the binders in sealcoat, and cause it to wear faster.  Sealcoat should be diluted no more than 20%.  I recommend 10-15%.  You can use duct tape at the end of your driveway to ensure a nice clean line.


If you are one of those DIY people please feel free if you need advice.